The First Virtual Financial Fair

E-MERGING announces the launch of Virtual FinFair, a 3D online event devoted to finance experts from across the globe.


VFF will be opening its virtual doors over a 12 hour period on the 6th of November. The network’s members and visitors, represented by their avatars, will be able to browse exhibitors’ booths, attend presentations, swap business cards, chat and skype with their peers.

As at 25 October, E-MERGING has confirmed 7 sponsors and 33 exhibitors who have designed and realized their virtual booths by “digitalizing” their marketing and communication content.

With no travel expense, no jetlag, no traffic jam, the event’s carbon footprint is zero.

To attend this fair on Wednesday 6 November you just need to sign up today on:

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How to participate ?
Ask our avatars on our E-MERGING booth on November 6.
Attendance is free !