autour de l'eau: Genève 22 mars 2013

L'eau est sous-jacente à tout produit et service: effets domino sociaux, économiques,  environnementaux et opportunités

World Water Day

Our event is organized in Geneva, on 22nd March 2013, the United Nations' World Water Day held on March 22nd each year.

Who should Attend?

Decision makers in Banks, Insurance companies, Family Offices, Trading companies, Defense companies, Water technology and services providers, Pension funds, Real Estate investors, Supervision companies, Private Equity Managers, advisors in philanthropy and other market makers.

Why You should Attend?

Water is the underlying commodity of every goods and services.
Knowledge is the best defence and tool for food//energy//commodities prices water nexus and water procurement security.
This event is a unique opportunity to access strategic water interdependencies information to measure, manage and anticipate water risks and impact investing opportunities.


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